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Frequently Asked Questions

What if a contraceptive is on the same script as a normal drug - where one is paid and the other no charge?
Where an EPS Release 2 prescription contains a 'chargeable' item and a 'no-charge contraceptive' then the prescription should be submitted as 'Paid'. The dm+d identifies oral contraceptives with a 'zero' prescription charge and so the NHS BSA will not deduct a charge. There is no requirement to endorse.

If an EPS Release 2 prescription only contains an oral contraceptive then this may be submitted with the exemption X "was prescribed free-of-charge contraceptives". If the prescription is submitted as 'paid' then no charge will be deducted.

Where a  drug used for contraceptive purposes has been prescribed which is not listed in Part XVI section 10 of the Drug Tariff, for example Co-Cyprindiol,  the prescription must be endorsed by the prescriber in order not to attract a prescription charge. The endorsement code to indicate 'for contraceptive purposes' in EPS Release 2 is CC. This prescriber endorsement code must be in the prescriber endorsement code field and must not be elsewhere for example in the dosage instructions.
Warfarin script with multiple strengths - eg 1mg and 3mg patient only pays once but these are 2 items?
If an EPS Release 2 prescription has both warfarin 1mg tablets and warfarin 3mg tablets prescribed in the same message then only one prescription charge should be collected and only one prescription charge will be taken. Two dispensing fees will be paid.
Item partially dispensed, patient not yet returned for balance of owing, or never does - how to claim? Can do this with paper?
An EPS Release 2 reimbursement endorsement claim message cannot be sent until all of the items in the prescription are either 'dispensed' or 'not dispensed'. Where an item is 'partially dispensed' for example 30gram of cream dispensed from a prescription for 60gram then an 'electronic claim' cannot be made until either the remaining 30 grams has been dispensed (60 gram claimed) or the patient does not wish the remainder to be dispensed and the 30 gram already dispensed is claimed.

This is the same as for a paper FP10 - if you have only dispensed half the quantity of a prescribed item, owing the remainder, you should not claim for the total quantity until it has all been dispensed ie the patient has collected it or it has been delivered to the patient or the patient has said they no longer require the remainder in which case you would claim for the actual amount dispensed.

The owing balance of a schedule 4 controlled drug cannot be dispensed later than 28 days after the appropriate date on the prescription. For prescriptions for schedule 5 and all other prescriptions the Pharmacist must exercise their professional judgement as to whether to make a supply if a long time has passed between the initial dispensing and collection as the treatment may no longer be appropriate for the patient.

When an EPS Release 2 prescription has been 'partially dispensed' or 'not dispensed' after 180 days the prescription message will expire on the Spine and it will not be possible to submit a claim message.
Canesten combi prescribed - this is actually 2 items - how to claim?
When the actual medicinal product (AMP) Canesten Combi 500mg pessary and 2% cream (Bayer Plc) is prescribed by EPS Release 2 then either the AMP may be returned as there is only one pack available or the AMPP (actual medicinal product pack) may be returned. This is a combination product pack and two prescription charges and two dispensing fees are associated with it.
Assorted flavours - how can we claim for all the flavours?
Where a prescriber is prescribing a food replacement/food supplement product that is available in a variety of flavours and the prescriber wants to request that an assortment of flavours should be supplied they must use the 'assorted flavours' endorsement code of AF. The prescriber endorsement code of AF must be in the prescriber endorsement field in the EPS Release 2 prescription message.

"Fortisip" is populated in dm+d as each individual flavour eg Fortisip Bottle banana (Nutricia Ltd), Fortsip Bottle caramel (Nutricia Ltd), Fortisip Bottle chocolate (Nutricia Ltd) etc and as Fortisip Bottle (Flavour Not Specified).

Where a prescriber does not wish to specify the flavour and allow the patient/pharmacist to choose then they should prescribe the 'Flavour Not specified' actual medicinal product (AMP). Where the prescriber adds an AF endorsement in the prescriber endorsement field the contractor will receive a dispensing fee for each flavour supplied but if the prescriber does not endorse the prescription AF then the contractor may still dispense different flavours but will only receive one fee.

In EPS Release 2 a contractor should return the actual medicinal product pack (AMPP) for each specific flavour dispensed along with the quantity dispensed for that flavour.

Using the above example an EPS Release 2 prescription is received for:

Fortisip Bottle (Flavour Not Specified)
Take as directed

  • Fortisip Bottle vanilla (Nutricia Ltd) x 200ml. Quantity dispensed: 600ml
  • Fortisip Bottle chocolate (Nutricia Ltd) x 200ml. Quantity dispensed: 400ml
  • Fortisip Bottle orange (Nutricia Ltd) x 200ml. Quantity dispensed: 200ml
  • Fortisip Bottle strawberry (Nutricia Ltd) x 200ml. Quantity dispensed: 200ml
  • Fortisip Bottle neutral (Nutricia Ltd) x 200ml. Quantity dispensed: 400ml
  • Fortisip Bottle tropical fruit (Nutricia Ltd) x 200ml. Quantity dispensed: 200m
If I have made a mistake with the exemption in a claim can I correct it?
Following the transition to the new Spine - Spine 2 - on the 24 August 2014  the ability to amend submitted claims within the same reimbursement period as the original claim is available as a feature however this functionality does require system suppliers to make changes to their systems before it will be available to users.
What about expensive stock I have ordered in on receipt of an EPS script, but then I am asked to return the script as patient goes to another pharmacy (or practice needs to cancel), or patient never collects? How to I recover my costs? This would not hav
As the patient has not collected the prescription item it has not been dispensed and therefore cannot be claimed. In the situation where for example you have ordered a special for the patient and the patient no longer requires it or does not return to collect it then you need to contact your Area Team to explain the situation.
Why does Proscript always ask us to confirm age exemptions? Is this not obvious?
You will need to discuss this with your system supplier.
What are the rules for when a mail order pharmacy can send the DN and claim? When posted to the patient? When confirmed delivered to patient?
A medicine has only been dispensed when a patient or their representative collects it from the Pharmacy or the medicine is delivered to the patient at home - this is the same for both paper FP10 prescriptions and EPS Release 2 prescriptions. A dispense notification for an EPS Release 2 prescription should be sent as close as possible to the time of collection/delivery.
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